Automate Food Safety Risk Intelligence Reporting & Avoid Recalls

Access to comprehensive food risk intelligence is crucial for food & beverage companies in order to formulate effective risk mitigation plans. However, many companies struggle due to a lack of accessible data, hindering their ability to anticipate emerging risks.

The challenge

As global recalls on the rise and geopolitical unrest disrupting supply chains, the need for proactive risk management is more pressing than ever. Companies fear reputational damage and financial losses from potential incidents, driving the demand for a solution that offers consolidated risk intelligence and forecasting capabilities.

The solution

In essence, food and beverage companies seek a comprehensive solution to:

  • identify, anticipate, and monitor risks in their supply chains
  • streamline risk assessment processes
  • enhance supplier evaluation
  • reduce the time and effort spent on gathering relevant information
  • embrace innovative technologies to help them safeguard consumer health, protect brand reputation, and mitigate financial risks associated with food safety incidents.

FOODAKAI, the AI-powered food risk intelligence and forecasting platform provides real-time monitoring, automated risk assessment reporting, and highly accurate forecasting tailored to each company's unique supply chain.


Download the whitepaper to:
• understand the major challenge of have full overview of the supply chain
• how an AI-powered, fully customizable solution can help automate food risks intelligence collection, harmonization and correlation
• step by step process to creating fully analytical risk assessment reports for leadership teams that factor in new/emerging risks for the supply chain