for companies without a Data Science Team 

3 Easy Steps to Start Predicting Food Risks in Your Supply Chain:

1. Watch this webinar to learn how to enable your Food Safety Team to predict food risks and take more informed preventive measures to avoid product recalls, with FOODAKAI. 

2. If you like what you see, set up an intro call with our team to walk through the FOODAKAI features most relevant to your needs and get your questions answered.

3. We’ll prepare a proposal for your team, with a full recommendation on the subscription plan that best meets your food risk prevention requirements.

Key Insights You'll Gain from this Webinar 


Emerging Risk Identification

Set automated alerts to get all relevant to you food safety data, curated & analyzed.



Automated Risk Ranking

Design a dynamic, time effective & constantly updated risk calculation for your ingredients & suppliers.


Timely Risk Prediction

Learn how you can design your tailor-made risk prediction model and identify the next major food safety incident in your supply chain.


Top food manufacturers choose FOODAKAI to support effective, timely, and data-driven decisions.


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