The Future of Food Safety: Can we really trust Predictive Analytics?

How can Food Risk Predictions be a feasible and accurate solution and what are the regulatory landscape anticipations?

 Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

 19:00 EEST | 12:00 EDT | 11:00 CDT | 09:00 PDT

This webinar is ideal for those who have second thoughts about predictive analytics and wish to get a deeper understanding of the potential & benefits of food risk predictions.

In this live, online panel discussion, Prof. Chris Elliott guides us through the Food Safety world and invites the R&D expert Manos Karvounis (Research & Innovation Manager at Agroknow) and the regulatory expert Yvonne Pfeifer (Global Data Services Lead at SGS) to explore the future of Food Risk Predictions.

This session aims to focus on:

  • Defining how AI can assist food safety risk predictions and the challenges involved

  • Examining prediction models and regulatory change anticipations in the context of EFRA project

  • Exploring the current state of: AI powered forecasting models of FOODAKAI & the regulatory features of Digicomply

A live Q&A will follow on the topic and discussion around what to anticipate regarding Food Risk Predictions landscape in the near future.


In this webinar we plan on covering the following:

  • • Define the food risk predictions

  • Debate the feasibility of food risk predictions

  • Examine the data requirements and constraints

  • Investigate the regulatory landscape and expectations

  • Explore the future of food risk predictions

  • Plus, any other questions that will be posed by the audience in real time during the Q&A.




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Chris Elliott

Manos Karvounis

Yvonne Pfeifer

Chris Elliott is currently Professor of Food Safety and founder of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast. He served as Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for the Medical and Life Sciences Faculty between 2015 and 2018. He has published more than 390 peer review articles, many of them relating to the detection and control of agriculture, food, and environmental related contaminants. His main research interests are in the development of innovative techniques to provide early warning of toxin threats across complex food supply systems.

Manos has a decade of experience leading and contributing to R&D activities in the fields of ΑΙ, Data Management, and Food Safety. In Agroknow, he leads the Innovation department and defines the company's research and innovation strategy. Manos has a strong academic background in Computer Science and has been involved as coordinator or technical manager in numerous European Commission funded projects.

Yvonne has more than 15 years of experience in leading project and R&D activities in food safety. In SGS DIGICOMPLY, she leads the global data services and defines new solutions. Yvonne has a strong academic background in food chemistry and as coordinator in ISO project.